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About Us

Bubbles Plastics is a family business which was established in 1976 and has been run by the founder ever since trading commenced. 

We stock a comprehensive range of "off-the-shelf" plastic bags.

Our company is primarily concerned with the manufacture of plastic bags and we have the capability of supplying large business orginisations, small business ventures and the private individual.

We stock a comprehensive range of “off-the-shelf” plastic bags for the casual customer and are able to customise bags for business clients – both large and small. We are unique in our ability to do so.

In 1985, the company diversified to include trade in other related products. It was at this time that the company moved to new, much larger premises. 

During October 2005, Bubbles Plastics (Pty) Ltd was accredited by the South African Mining Preferential Procurement Forum (S.A.M.P.P.F.) in terms of the “narrow based” definition of Black Economic Empowerment.

Bubbles Plastics hereby states that the shareholding of the company reflects a 100% black ownership. Being a small to medium enterprise, the shareholder/s are also director/s of the company and are actively involved in the day-to-day management and control of the business. The executive and senior management of the company are all members of the previously disadvantaged group, including two females.

“Bubbles Plastics” and the Bubbles Plastics Logo are the registered trademarks of Bubbles Plastics (Pty) Ltd