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Since we have been doing such a great job of making plastic bags, we thought you may want to know just how we go about producing these high quality products.

The process starts with the Extrusion stage, where polyethylene granules are melted to form a extruded “tube” of plastic. Different grades (low & high density) of granules are required for the various products we produce.

After the extrusion process, the polyethylene film’s surface is treated for the adhesion of ink by the application of a high energy (corona) electrical discharger near the film surface.

The extruded “tube” is rolled onto a cone and taken to Printing where client logos are applied. Printing is done by a unique process which utilizes stereos (rubber plates imprinted with client logo) on steel rollers for the transfer of ink to the bag surface.

The tubular film is folded according to specification and then separated into individual bags. Handles are punched, bags are sealed and specific additional cutting is done at this stage.

The bags are thoroughly checked for damages & misprinting and are tested for tear & seal strength.

The completed bags are packed into pre-determined quantities for distribution or are placed on the shelves of our retail department. 

Remembering our responsibility to the environment and our community, all off-cuts from the last stage are recycled, creating the polythene granuals that started it all off.