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Herbalife Distributor Suzanne
Address: Doornkraal str
Short Business Description: Happy and Heathy, Reliable results and everybody can benefit from it.

Want to loose weight? Ask me How!
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Herbalife Product are the most popular around the world. It was discovered by Mark Hughes. His mother died tragically when she was 36. By that time he was only ,18 years old. He vowed to dedicate his life to help people manage their weight safely. He started Herbalife in 1980 at the age of 22 He made a promise. 30years track record of success

Operations in 72 Countries worldwide

60 Doctors & Scientists
CEO – Michael O Johnson
Listed on the NYSE

Business Phone Number: 0837946226
Business Phone Number: 0837946226
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New Economic Evolution of the World Consumer Community
Address: Online Business in South our office is in 377 Boulevard, Revonia, Sandton
Short Business Description: Education, Co-ownership and earnings
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N.E.E.W is short word for The New Economic Evolution of the World Consumer Community, which is like-minded people with same mission to unite the World where community owns and share any piece of commerce that happens. We really are a caring community. This started in 2014 and to date has more 1 million partners all over the world and having a footprint in more than 120 countries. The numbers are growing by the day as many people are looking to change their lives. The New Economic Evolution of the World Consumer Community is for World peace. We see a lot of protests all over the world as people don’t have jobs, poverty, hunger and devastation is there for everyone to see. In the day in age where there are more graduates than jobs, where robots are taking over, in the world where Artificial Intelligence has taken over, the N.E.E.W Consumer Community is what the people of the world have been wait for.
The N.E.E.W Consumer Community has a cut above the rest Education Information Products that are both online and offline, these courses are practical. The Education Information Products (EIPS) include courses like Eight rules of a Private, First steps of a Private Investor, Foundations of Capitalization, Additional sources of Income, How to turn any dream into reality, Everything about cryptocurrencies, What is Blockchain and what are its advantages, and many more. Our Education Information Products will give a lot of insights and show students practical ways of achieving their desired results. These EIPS include Finance, Business and Personal growth. These Financial Literacy, Business and Personal growth courses will give students a clear road map and in some cases where it is necessary a mentor will be assigned to participants to make sure they realize their desired results. The quality of education you will get here you can’t find it anywhere else.
We also use MLCI which is Multi Level Crowd Investing where everyone has an opportunity to change the realities of their lives with as little as $5 and as high as they want to. The MLCI gives every person who becomes part of the N.E.E.W Consumer Community regardless of their background to co-own a Global Investment Portfolio which is growing by the day.
When a person signs up and purchases one of the Educational Information Product which covers a lot of Financial, Business and Personal growth courses they receive a gift or a bonus of CRU which is short word for Crypto Currency Programme or PIPES which means Pre IPO Private Equity Shares in Unitsky string transport Innovation Transportation, SkyWay Technologies.
Everyone who is aware of the history of money will tell you that the crypto or digital currencies or coins space is where the world is moving into. The shift is already happening with more people transecting with Bitcoin more than ever before and there are other alternative coins as well. Now the CRU will be traded and exchanged for fiat or paper money as its known to many people. The CRU has already been uploaded on the Ethereum Blockchain, only 80 billion of these Tokens will be issued so far more 28 billion have been given to members of the N.E.E.W of Consumer Community as a gift or bonuses for having purchased Education Information Product (EIPS) in a closed club. We have have 3 Phases of the CRU of which now we are on Phase 2 which will take about 12 to 24 months to complete and Phase 3 will take about 6 years to complete.
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The SkyWay Innovation Technology is “Unitsky string transport” which has been developed for over 40 years. This transportation is part of the future transportation which uses an elevated string. It has passenger vehicles for short and long distances, and has cargo rolling stocks. This types of vehicles do not pollute the air, they are robotic which eliminate human error, and this is really part of the green economy as we looking to preserve the environment. So far this project is on its 14th stage of 15 stages.
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Business Phone Number: 0712638263